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At The Watson Law Firm, we bring our years of experience defending large corporations in multi-million dollar lawsuits to fight for each individual in every case. We zealously advocate for our clients, working both hard and smart, to achieve the desired results efficiently and effectively.

Family Law

The Watson Law Firm is ready to assist you with all of your family law needs. Whether you are getting divorced, getting married and need a prenuptial agreement, or need assistance with timesharing/custody, The Watson Law Firm has you covered.

General Civil Litigation

If you or your business become involved in a dispute that requires court action to resolve, The Watson Law Firm is ready to assist, either in bringing or defending a lawsuit. Areas of experience include: employment law, civil theft, administrative law, slander or defamation actions, fraud or breach of fiduciary duties, personal injury, and contract disputes.


The Watson Law Firm offers our clients appeals and original proceedings before state and federal appellate courts in and outside Florida. We have experience in civil, administrative, and criminal law. We are also available to assist in strategic trial management.


The Watson Law Firms handles a variety of business and family immigration matters, including: family visas, green cards, citizenship, DACA, deportation defense, and employment-based visas and green cards. Se habla español.


At The Watson Law Firm, we understand that our clients are navigating difficult situations that could have long-term impacts on their business or in their personal lives.  Therefore, we will fight for the best result, while maintaining clear and open communication with each and every client to make the process as accessible and easy as possible.

10+ Years Of Experience In Various Cases

Ms. Watson has successfully represented corporate defendants in multi-million-dollar lawsuits, and individuals in hotly contested divorce proceedings. Ms. Watson is also very experienced representing clients in the following areas of law: immigration and naturalization, divorce, family law, dependency, public benefits, landlord tenant, domestic violence injunctions, Social Security Disability claims, sealing/expungement, and guardianship.


Divorce with Compassion
I walked into Kate Watson's office conflicted and confused. I was conflicted because I was embarrassed that I was seeking a divorce and I wasn't feeling too confident about myself. At the same time I was also confused and disoriented in getting the process started. Kate was professional, soft spoken, and very caring towards making the process less painful. After my first consultation, I knew immediately that she was a perfect fit for me. Kate listened to the events that led me to her office and reassured me, barring no opposition from my husband, that the divorce could move quickly. She also made me feel confident that my decision to divorce seemed appropriate based on years of anguish. Kate managed, and continued to manage, building up my confidence as being a strong and independent woman during the entire process. Every text, phone call, and subsequent consultations were straightforward, simplified and sympathetic. I always felt confident and reassured in the fact that Kate had my best interest. Now that the divorce is completed, I feel extremely fortunate to have had such a competent and compassionate lawyer.
August 9, 2015
L1 visa denied refiled and approved with BIG help by Kate Watson
I saw Kate through this website last year. I came in this country with B2 visa and my company decided to hire me again and transfer me as an executive for our local office. I had an L1 visa in 2011 that I did not renew as we had to go back home to our home country. I called around and scout for a good lawyer and Kate is the 3rd lawyer I spoke with over the phone. From the moment she took my call to the time I got approved one thing is consistent, Kate is nothing but helpful. She does not charge like other lawyers and definitely understands each and everyone's situation is unique. She is very anal and wants everything to be done as smooth as possible. She does not sugar coat things and give you false hopes rather she give you the truth and the facts. She works hard to get your case approved even if it means working on weekends or late hours at night. She is always available via email and returns all calls as needed. I had a different lawyer back in 2011 and I am glad I found her and would definitely recommend her to all my friends and family that needs a good lawyer.
January 21, 2016

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